At some point, we all have to surrender. Walk with me for a moment-

Imagine that you're at a bank. Everything has been going great until a bank robber enters the facility. He has a gun and you're pretty sure that if you don't surrender, this probably won't turn out well for you. Hopefully, you realize that throwing your hands up is your best option. Realizing that you aren't strong enough to handle this situation is so important. The most important thing to do is surrender.

Same concept applies to Christ. Surrender to the one that is stronger than you. He has the power to change every situation. Life is full of swift transitions. The Bible says to be ye ever ready! The best way for us to be ready for any situation is to surrender. When we surrender, we say God I trust you. God you are more powerful than me. God I'm taking my hands off of it, and I'm putting my faith in you. Pray and surrender your heart and soul to the one who loves you. 
Here's a free tip- you're never going to be strong enough to fight alone. Allow the all mighty to fight for you. Simply Surrender 

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